The Old Roman is an online newsletter, bulletin, journal and magazine for traditional Old Romans, faithful Catholics to the perennial liturgy and customs of the Latin Rite and orthodox apostolic teaching. A central point of news, views and information to assist Old Romans everywhere to live their faith confidently in a troubled world.

The Old Roman is the free weekly on-line review in service of orthodox Old Roman missions and ministries around the world. News, Events, Personalities, Catholic teaching, Letters, Features, Old Roman history, news from chapels and missions, on-line devotions & Mass. 

Ultimately descended from the early Christians who brought the Gospel to Britain via the Roman Empire and the subsequent efforts of the missionary Britons who converted the northern territories of Europe to the Christian and Catholic Faith. Old Romans preserve today the orthodox and apostolic faith of the early Church and Patristic Councils. Still practising the customs and traditions that raised generations of Saints, Old Romans everywhere bear testimony to the allure of authentic doctrine and centuries of lived Christianity. Wherever Old Romans are, there is the authentic Church of Christ!



If you, your mission, chapel, parish or church would like to advertise your services, location and activities, please send us the details!

If you would like to share your news, photographs of events or special Masses etc, please send them to us!

If you would like to contribute articles about Old Roman theology, liturgy, devotion, meditation, reflection, praxis, culture, customs, art, history, poetry, stories or music... please just send them to us! Author's will be attributed.



"As a widely dispersed but faithful and committed people of God, The Old Roman is an invaluable source of strength and courage that we are a living breathing community. I am so very grateful for the weekly inspiration it gives me."

— James, Bristol UK
The Old Roman is a practical and uplifting weekly guide to everyday living of the Orthodox Catholic Faith. With liturgical, devotional, and lifestyle features, each issue of The Old Roman provides the essential tools to worship and live-out the ancient Faith in our contemporary times. You will find yourself reading and re-reading throughout the week!”

— Christopher, Ohio, USA
“Il est bon de savoir qu'il y a des "The Old Roman" dans d'autres endroits du monde, témoins de la même foi et du même mode de vie orthodoxes. J'attends avec impatience chaque semaine la nouvelle édition pour en savoir plus sur notre foi et ce que font les autres vieux romains pour confesser Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur!”

— Krista, Yaoundé, Cameroon
"We ‘Old Romans’ may be few and far between... but... our faith is so strong all around the world. “The Old Roman” weekly newsletter is informative, interesting and above all contains devotional reading for everyone. The timetable of Masses around the world, is invaluable. It is possible to take part in a Mass at almost any hour of the day or night. (An absolute Godsend to those who suffer insomnia.). It keeps us in touch with other ORC friends around the world, and to know what they are doing. I look forward with anticipation each week to the new edition."

— Barbara, Brighton, UK
“El Católico Romano Antiguo es un vehículo de comunicación inestimable de la Iglesia.  Cada semana destila nuestra devoción, teología, liturgia, y práctica como Iglesia y Comunión mundial, y nos arma con perspectiva para vivir el carisma Católico Romano Antiguo en las nuevas y siempre cambiando circunstancias de la sociedad y el mundo.”

— Raphael, Texas USA
“Ang Old Roman ay isang na pakalaking tulong para sa atin lahat upang malaman ng bawat isa ang ating mga kalagayan sa iba't ibang bahagi ng mundo. Ang mga nilalaman nito ay malaking tulong para sa aming mga pilipino   pari o layko. Sapagkat dito sa pilipinas sy limitado ang mga resources.”

— Joash, Cavite, Philippines


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